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The Association of Human Communication (AHC) is an undergraduate organization formed by and for communication and business communication majors at Arizona State University. AHC provides students with unique opportunities to explore the growing world of communication by focusing on communication, careers, and community.

Communication is the key to understanding what brings us all together. AHC is here to help students see their potential and explore where they fit into the corporate world by holding resume-building workshops, relaying interview tips, and providing information about studying abroad and internship opportunities.

Communication and business communication degrees encompass a wide variety of occupations. AHC hosts career fairs with speakers from various organizations to provide students with opportunities with a degree in communication.  AHC also works as a bridge to connect professionals from the Phoenix Metropolitan area and beyond, with students to discuss their career paths. Q & A  sessions with professors, specialists, and career services are also scheduled.

AHC and the Hugh Downs School graduate students have teamed up for an on-going community service project. AHC also provides a platform to connect individuals within their community of ASU.

As a member, everyone has equal opportunity to be part of a committee in AHC, whether be it membership, programming, or public relations. There is a place for everyone to find his or her niche.

Semester events include student socials or other activities for students to connect with one another and get involved outside of class. It also gives new students a chance to get good advice from upperclassmen in all areas from school to their personal experiences. There is also a student/faculty social which provides students with the opportunity to connect with professors outside of the classroom environment. 

Have fun and enhance your academic experience by joining the Association of Human Communication at ASU!

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