Communication Study Abroad

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication summer study abroad program is one of the most popular faculty-directed programs at ASU. Students are provided a unique opportunity to study communication in different cultural contexts while providing them with opportunities to experience the historical sites, museums, and plays in London; enjoy the live music scene and countryside of Ireland; and learn about the history, castles, and kilts of romantic Scotland.

In 2018, 25 students participated in the Communications Study Abroad.

Reputation, Size, and Location

Reputation, Size, and Location

How does the school rank against other programs in the discipline?
ASU is an internationally recognized research institution and center for the promotion of cultural and performing arts. It is a leading center for research and technological advancement. The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication is ranked highly in NCA's Doctoral Program Reputational Studies.

Doctoral Research Associates

An essential part of fulfilling the mission of the Transformation Project is supporting the vibrant and innovative ideas, research, and scholarship produced by doctoral students. To assist in the development and dissemination of their scholarship, The Transformation Project offers competitive opportunities for financial assistance to fund ongoing research projects, attend new training instrumental in their research, and support conference attendance.

Online Overrides & Walk-in Advising

Course override (pre-requisite) requests for spring 2019 begin November 6, 2018, and space override (full class) requests begin December 26, 2018.  

Override requests will not be considered after the drop/add period for that session (A, B, or C) has ended. For drop/add dates, please see the Academic Calendar or your MyASU. 

2016-2017 Forensics Team Awards and Highlights

October 2016

Sun Carnival tournament hosted at El Paso Community College - October 1-2
The ASU Forensics Team sent 4 students to compete at two single day tournaments: Senior Benjamin Steele, Junior Abigail Toye, Sophomore Sachin Kumar, and Freshman Erin Guiney.

During the Saturday tournament, Steele placed 5th in Impromptu speaking, Kumar placed 4th in Extemporaneous speaking, Toye received 3rd in Dramatic Interpretation, and Guiney earned 4th in After Dinner Speaking AND the Top Novice award overall.

Graduate Admission

M.A. Program in Communication (offered ONLINE only)

M.A.program application deadlines:

Fall 2018:              July 31, 2018

Spring 2019:         December 15, 2018

Summer 2019:     May 1, 2019

Online MA Course Descriptions

MA in Communication Course Descriptions

COM 501 Communication Research

Financial Resources


Assistantships carry a compensatory stipend for services rendered, including activities that are relevant to each student’s own program of study, and contribute to ASU’s teaching and research effort. Graduate assistantships for doctoral students include a $16,000 stipend for the academic year. These packages may also include a tuition waiver and health insurance. Assistants must be enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours each semester (audit hours do not count towards the six-hour minimum).