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Study Abroad 2018 Program Information

2018 Program Information


May 16, 2018 - June 6, 2018

Depart May 16: Phoenix to London, England
Depart June 6: London, England to Dublin, Ireland 
Depart June 15: Dublin, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland 
Depart June 28: Edinburgh, Scotland to Phoenix

Sample Classes offered:
Students are required to take six credits from the following courses offered:
COM 316 Gender and Communication (3 credits)
COM 494 Stories in Culture (3 credits)
COM 494 British, Irish, Scottish Life and Culture (3 credits) (required of all)

Dr. Belle Edson, Program Director
Jennifer Linde, Senior Lecturer


Approximately $7,995 includes 6 credit hours of classes; roundtrip airfare to Dublin and Edinburgh; London tube passes; Dublin and Edinburgh bus passes; all housing; all transfers from airports; 3 plays in London, visits to museums and other cultural destinations in the three cities; guided day trips to the West of Ireland and to the Wicklow mountains near Dublin. Transatlantic flights not included but tickets are reserved on British Airways, price TBA. Your personal expenses are for food (breakfast provided in Ebinburgh), entertainment, and any extra traveling.

London: apartments at Richmond College of London in the Kensington neighborhood; double occupancy, kitchen facilities
Dublin: campus apartments at University College, Dublin; kitchen facilities
Edinburgh: campus apartments at University of Edinburgh; breakfast included

WiFi in all three cities.

To review resources for funding study abroad through financial aid, scholarships and grants, and community based funding, visit studyabroad.asu.edu funding.

Please contact Belle Edson for further information or questions.