ASU Forensics Team 2015-2016

2015-2016 ASU Forensics Team  

After participating in August retreats for both speech and debate, team members were ready to begin the fall competitions.

Speech tournaments are typically 2 tournaments in one weekend so the placement and awards are determined for each day separately, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  The events are divided into three categories: Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speaking (limited preparation events), Persuasive, Informative, Communication Analysis and After Dinner Speaking (public platform addresses), and Poetry, Prose, Dramatic, Duo and Programmed Oral Interpretation (interpretive events).

National Forensics Association Tournament – April 14-18, 2016
The ASU Forensics Speech Team finished the season with a bang at this year's National Forensics Association tournament hosted by Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana. Three seniors and one sophomore competed, performing well over one hundred times across their many different events.

At the end of 5 full days, ASU placed 10th in the Open division (no entry limits) and 4th in the President’s Division I (schools with 22-45 entries, ASU had 26 entries). Each of the seniors placed in the top 5 in the nation in an event.

Frankie Marchi, Communication major, placed 4th in Dramatic Interpretation, Paxton Attridge placed 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking, and James Qian placed 3rd in Impromptu speaking.

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American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament – April 2-4, 2016
The ASU Forensics Speech Team reported outstanding success at this year’s AFA-NIET. The seven-student team traveled to the University of Florida on April 2-4 and placed 7th in the nation out of approximately 80 competing schools, an outstanding feat given that most teams have 15-40 students attending the tournament for competition. The ASU team had 31 event entries (compared to 66 by most competing schools) and advanced in more than 30 percent of its entries to elimination rounds. There was a marked improvement from last year's placement of 14th in the nation.

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Winter at the Beach, Cal State University Long Beach and University of Utah – January 30-February 1, 2015
Overall, the ASU Speech Team took 5th place in Team Sweepstakes and Frankie Marchi  took 2nd place in Individual Sweepstakes

ASU Speech Team placed 3rd
James Qian - After Dinner Speaking 1st , Communication Analysis 5th
Abbey Toye - Programmed Oral Interpretation 6th
Frankie Marchi – Prose 1st , Impromptu 1st

University of Texas-Austin, Hell Froze Over” Tournament – January 14-15
Six team members of the ASU Forensics (Speech) Team competed in mid-January at one of two regular-season national tournaments, "Hell Froze Over", and brought home top-place awards. The tournament was hosted by the University of Texas at Austin and Bradley University and is one of the largest tournaments in the nation. Team members were Paxton Norwood Attridge, Annie Mazzarella, Ben Steele, Frankie Marchi, Abbey Toye and James Qian

ASU's team received Overall Team sweepstakes awards, taking third place out of 42 schools competing that Saturday and third place out of 38 schools competing on Sunday. The team finished in third place for combined results. 

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Ohio State Frolic on Dec. 4-5 in Columbus, Ohio
Senior Frankie Marchi took second place in Poetry Interpretation and fourth place in Program Oral Interpretation.

Grossmont College Speech Tournament - November 13-15, 2015
Day 1
ASU Speech Team - Team Sweepstakes 1st
Paxton Attridge - After Dinner Speaking 1st  , Extemporaneous 1st , Informative 1st , Communication Analysis 2nd
James Qian - Persuasive 1st , Communication Analysis 4th 
Kohi Gil - After Dinner Speaking 3rd , Impromptu 1st , Communication analysis 1st
Annie Mazzarella – Extemporaneous 3rd 
Yegor Zenkhov - Extemporaneous 2nd , Informative 4th , Impromptu 2nd
Abbey Toye – Poetry 6th

Day 2
James Qian - After Dinner Speaking 1st , Communication Analysis 2nd
Kohi Gil – Communication Analysis 1st , Persuasive 2nd
Paxton Attridge – Informative 1st
Yegor Zenkhov – Informative 5th
Abbey Toye - Programmed Oral Interpretative 3rd , Poetry 4th , Informative 3rd

The LE Norton Memorial at Bradley University was held on November 7-8, 2015 in Peoria, Illinois
ASU senior James Qian placed 3rd  in Varsity Impromptu Speaking and 4th  in Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking.  Junior Kohi Gill placed 6th  in Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking.
Paxton Attridge and Kohi Gill were semi-finalists in Impromptu Speaking and  James Qian placed 3rd

Weber State – October 2015
Congratulations to Sachin Kumar for his first collegiate break!
Participating team members for the following events were:
Extemporaneous – Sachin Kumar, Yegor Zenkhov, Paxton Attridge, and Kohi Gil
Informative Speaking – Paxton Attridge, James Qian
After Dinner Speaking – Paxton Attridge, Kohi Gil
Poetry – Abbey Toye, James Qian, Frankie Marchi

Aztec Invitational – San Diego State University – October 2-4, 2015
Day 1
ASU Speech Team - Team Sweepstakes 1st
James Qian - Informative Speaking 4th , Impromptu Speaking 2nd , Prose 1st , Persuasion 3rd
Paxton Attridge - Informative Speaking 5th , Impromptu Speaking 3rd , Duo 3rd with Frankie Marchi, After Dinner Speaking 1st , Communication Analysis
Ben Steele - Impromptu Speaking 5th , Extemporaneous 1st
Frankie March – Duo 3rd  with Paxton Attridge , Poetry 2nd
Kohinoor Gill - Informative Speaking 2nd , Impromptu Speaking 1st , Extemporaneous 2nd , After Dinner Speaking 2nd
Yegor Zenkhov - Impromptu Speaking 6th , Extemporaneous 5th
Abigail Toye – Poetry 3rd

Day 2
Overall Swing Sweepstakes – ASU 1st
Paxton Attridge - After Dinner Speaking 1st , Extemporaneous 3rd , Informative 3rd, Communication Analysis 2nd , Impromptu 2nd , Duo 2nd with Frankie Marchi
Frankie Marchi- Poetry 2nd , Dramatic Interpretation 1st , Duo 2nd with Paxton Attridge
James Qian – Informative 2nd , Poetry 1st
Kohi Gill - After Dinner Speaking 2nd , Extemporaneous 1st , Communication Analysis 1st Impromptu 1st , Persuasion 1st
Sachin Kumar - Extemporaneous 6th
Yegor Zenkhov - Extemporaneous 5th , Impromptu 5th
Abigail Toye- Poetry 4th

Texas State San Marcos Speech Tournament, Hill Country Swing - September 19-20, 2015
Day 1
Team Sweeps: ASU - 2nd place
Paxton Attridge - After Dinner Speaking 6th, Extemporaneous 6th , Duo 3rd with Frankie Marchi
James Qian – Impromptu 4th , Extemporaneous 2nd ,Poetry 6th , Informative 6th , Persuasion 3rd 
Kohi Gill - Informative 2nd
Frankie Marchi – Duo 3rd

Day 2
James Qian - Individual Sweepstakes and overall Swing Sweepstakes
ASU Speech Team - Sweepstakes and overall Swing Sweepstakes
Ben Steele – Impromptu 3rd ,
Paxton Attridge – Impromptu 2nd , Extemporaneous 3rd , Duo 4th with Frankie Marchi, Communication Analysis 3rd , After Dinner Speaking 3rd
James Qian - Impromptu 1st , Informative – 1st , Prose – 7th , Extemporaneous 2nd , Persuasion 2nd , Poetry 5th
Frankie Marchi –Poetry 2nd , Duo 4th with Paxton Attridge
Kohi Gil – Informative 2nd , Extemporaneous 4th , Persuasion 6th ,
Abbey Toye - Programmed Oral Interpretation 5th


Cross-Examination Debate Association National Tournament – March-26-29, 2015
Four Debate team students traveled to Binghamton University (SUNY) to compete in CEDA. Senior Elizabeth Canarie and sophomore Kailyn Revenew finished tied for 17th place. Sophomore Brenna Ram and freshman Elana Quint finished tied for 33rd place.

Canarie and Revenew were each named to the CEDA All American team which honors a maximum of 30 students who demonstrate competitive success, academic success, good conduct, and contributions to their squad.

Three of the 4 team members received National Debate Scholar awards, which recognize students who maintain strong academic records in addition to their competititve accomplishments.

Kailyn Revenue received Cum Laude award
Elizabeth Canarie received Magna Cum Laude award
Brenna Ram received Summa Cum Laude award.

Texas Open – University of Texas, Austin – February 5-8, 2016
The ASU Debate Team had one policy debate team competing with senior Elizabether Canarie and junior Kailyn Revenew finishing 3-5 in a field of 124.

Hannie Schaft Invitational Debate Tournament – February 5-7, 2016

Southwestern College in San Diego hosted the inaugural tournament. Hannie Schaft was a debater in Holland during WW2 who used her debating prowess to make a difference in the real world fighting the Nazis.

Junior Caleb Vinson was the 5th place speaker with sophomore Brenna Ram taking 3rd place speaker. On a 2-1 decision, Brenna and Elana Quint took 1st place  in Open Policy.

Cal State University, Northridge - November 6-8, 2015

Elana Quint – Junior Varsity speaker 3rd , Varsity speaker 10th
Caleb Vinson – Junior Varsity speaker 2nd ,Varsity speaker 9th
Emma Hobbs – Junior Varsity speaker 1st , Varsity speaker 8th

Day 1
Duo: Natalie and Fargo Tbakhi-4th
Persuasive: Sachin Kumar- Persuasive 2nd  , Extemporaneous 4th  
Abigail Toye – Poetry 3rd
Ben Steele - Extemporaneous 1st , Impromptu 3rd

Day 2
Ben Steele – Impromptu 2nd , Extemporaneous 2nd
Abigail Toye – Prose 5th , Poetry 4th
Sachin Kumar – Persuasive 4th
Fargo Tbakhi - Dramatic Interpretation 5th

Harvard University Debate Tournament  - October 31 – November 2, 2015
ASU Debate takes Harvard! Lizzy/Kailyn are affirming round one against Oklahoma MJ and Brenna Ram and /Zach are negating round one against Wake Forest MS.  Both teams trying for their first win in round two. Lizzy/Kailyn are negating against Kentucky HR. Bren/Zach are affirming against Indiana KS.

University of Nevada-Las Vegas Tournament – October 17-19, 2015
The Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas hosted the 9th annual Las Vegas Classic Debate Tournament.  This tournament is quickly is becoming one of the best and biggest policy debate tournaments in America.

Amy/Sherissa Machorro– 3rd Novice
Elizabeth Canarie and Kailyn Revenew – 17th Open
Elana Quint and Caleb Vinson – 3rd Junior Varsity

Weber State University Val Browning Round Robin - September 30 – October 1, 2015
The 19th annual Val A. Browning Robin was held at Weber State and is the oldest collegiate Policy Debate round robin in the western United States.
Weber State University Invitational Tournament - October 3-5, 2015
The 3rd annual Mukai Invitational will be October 3-5 at the campus in Ogden, Utah

The first part of this tournament was the Val A. Browning Round Robin, where the top teams came to compete for six rounds over two days. After this, the top teams moved on to compete in the actual tournament, the Mukai Invitational. The length of the entire tournament was six days.

Fall 2015 Debate Team Season Opener
The ASU Forensics Debate Team kicked off the fall season at the University of Missouri – Kansas City on September 12-14, 2015.

One senior and three sophomores competed with senior Elizabeth Canarie and sophomore Kailyn Revenew finishing 4-4 with sophomore Brenna Ram and Zachary Brisson finished 3-5.