The Empty Space

The Empty Space features creative scholarship developed by students and faculty in the Hugh Downs School, often in collaboration with other ASU departments and schools. Projects range from extended solo performances to group performances, including explorations in (auto)ethnography, literary-based texts, adapted scholarship, and trigger scripting. The Empty Space also hosts local and national artists and performance educators who offer lectures, workshops, and performances.

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The Hugh Downs Award for Communication Excellence

Hugh Downs Award for Communication ExcellenceThe Hugh Downs Award for Communication Excellence seeks to honor individuals who have increased public awareness and understanding of the vital role of communication in the achievements of human beings as well as in the achievement of being human.

Tournament Invitations

Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Invitational

Student Life

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication encourages its students to get involved on campus and in the community. Participating in a club, group, or philanthropy organization at ASU offers students the opportunity to meet new people, gain leadership experience, participate in community service, and enhance their overall experience at Arizona State University.


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Communication Sciences Laboratory

The Communication Sciences Laboratory at Arizona State University conducts perceptual, behavioral, and physiological research connecting interpersonal communication with mental and physical health. The laboratory is located in room 349 of Stauffer Hall (A wing), on the northwest corner of campus.

Hugh Downs

Hugh DownsThe Hugh Downs School of Human Communication is aptly named for a man with a passion for life-long learning, a commitment to (and appreciation of) the role of communication in human interactions, and an ability to communicate effectively whether with one person or large and diverse groups.

Course Information

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication offers a wide variety of courses! Use the links below to search for courses.