Information for Interns

The internship program is for campus-based students.  ASUonline students may apply for the BIS internship program by contacting the instructor of the BIS 484 course.

Program Details

The internship program is two-fold:

Internship Program

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication is home to a dynamic internship program! You can find our interns in large and small companies, in unique government positions, or at thriving non-profit organizations. Our program allows career-driven, practical students to gain useful experience in challenging positions. Interns are often asked to accept a permanent position at their internship site, and organizations continually tap into our pool of available interns. We are proud of our ability to attract top organizations and driven students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I transfer my courses to ASU?
Students should transfer their courses to ASU as soon as they have a posted grade for the course. Information on transferring courses can be found here:

Why is my registration date so late?
Registration dates are determined by the number of credit hours completed. This date cannot be changed.

Can I take my courses online?
On-Campus students can take iCourses which are offered via the online format.


**The scholarship application process for the 2018-2019 academic is now closed.  We will begin taking applications again in January 2019**

By completing and submitting the application, you automatically apply for all Hugh Downs School scholarships that you are eligible to receive. Applicants must be COM majors currently enrolled in classes at ASU and must have established an ASU GPA. (Only Tempe campus-based students are eligible for the Hugh Downs School scholarships.)

Team Schedule and Debate Events

Speech and Debate Events 

Informational Meeting for ASU Forensics 
Thursday, August 16, 4:30 p.m.,
Durham Language and Literature Building, Room LL 102

College Policy Debate Tournament Winter Trophy Division I

September 15-17, 2018

Debates will take place Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Bob Mukai Invitational
Sep 29-Oct 1, 2018

Weber State University, Ogden, UT – Debate tournament

What is The Empty Space

To more fully explain the impact that The Empty Space has had on students, faculty, and the public, we have invited people familiar with the Space to tell their own stories.

Kristin Bervig Valentine, Professor Emerita, Arizona State University