The I-4C Collective mobilizes resources from rhetoric, performance, and critical-cultural studies to explore the intersections of civil, critical and creative communication.

I-4C Collective

Intersections of Civil, Critical, and Creative Communication (I-4C)

The I-4C Collective mobilizes resources from rhetoric, performance, and critical-cultural studies to explore the intersections of civil, critical, and creative communication. Through our collaborations, faculty members and graduate students generate research that illuminates our understanding of the human experience in its cultural, contextual, and sociopolitical dimensions.


Bradley AdameBradley Adame, who earned his PhD at the University of Oklahoma, is an assistant professor in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.

Study Abroad 2018 Program Information

2018 Program Information


May 16, 2018 - June 6, 2018

Depart May 16: Phoenix to London, England
Depart June 6: London, England to Dublin, Ireland 
Depart June 15: Dublin, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland 
Depart June 28: Edinburgh, Scotland to Phoenix

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Health Communication Initiative

The Health Communication Initiative (HCI) collaborates to inspire health and wellness of individuals to communities through innovative communication research and advocacy.

Our mission considers the complexities of health in an increasingly global world and provides guidance and locally-specific solutions that advocate for healthy individuals and societies. We clarify and elaborate our mission below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Application Process:

Do I need to have an internship set up by the application deadline?

No, the application is for admission to the program, not for getting your specific internship approved. Getting a specific internship approved is a separate process. Apply for admission to the program even if you haven't found an internship yet. The application is available on the Information for Interns page.

When are the application deadlines?

Information for Interns

The internship program is for campus-based students.  ASUonline students may apply for the BIS internship program by contacting the instructor of the BIS 484 course.

Program Details

The internship program is two-fold:

Internship Program

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication is home to a dynamic internship program! You can find our interns in large and small companies, in unique government positions, or thriving non-profit organizations. Our program allows career-driven, practical students to gain useful experience in challenging positions. Interns are often asked to accept a permanent position at their internship site, and organizations continually tap into our pool of available interns. We are proud of our ability to attract top organizations and driven students.