Daniel Brouwer


Rhetorical Studies

Rhetorical studies emphasize the critical, historical and theoretical study of public communication, including U.S. public address, rhetorical criticism, argumentation, rhetorical theory, cultural theory, feminist rhetoric and popular culture. The graduate program focuses on understanding how various public discourses shape culture and politics across many cultural communities.

The graduate program in rhetoric and public communication at ASU focuses on understanding issues at the social level, including popular culture, social movements, and political communication.



Jennifer Linde

Performance Studies

Undergraduate Studies Program

Performance studies are concerned with communication embedded in aesthetic texts and contexts. Undergraduate courses provide students with a multitude of communication and critical performance experiences.

Organizational Communication

Organizations are primary sites of meaning-making, identity formation, knowledge production, security, health and wellness, strategic communication and democracy in contemporary society. Because organizations are increasingly complex, our organizational communication area adopts a multi-perspective, dynamic approach to the study of organizational life.

Interpersonal Communication

Studying Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication involves the study of verbal and nonverbal messages in dyadic interaction. We explore the various ways that communication functions in both social and personal relationships along a range of topics, including affection, competition, conflict, dating, emotion, health, and maintenance in relational contexts such as marriage, friendship, initial interaction and family relationships.

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Benjamin Broome

Intercultural Communication

Studying Intercultural Communication and Cultural Studies