Jennifer LindeJennifer Linde , MA,  is a senior lecturer in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and the artistic director of The Empty Spa

Performance Studies

Undergraduate Studies Program

Performance studies are concerned with communication embedded in aesthetic texts and contexts. Undergraduate courses provide students with a multitude of communication and critical performance experiences.


Steve CormanSteve Corman, professor, studies the relationship of talk and written communication to organizational networks and activity systems.

Organizational Communication

Organizations are primary sites of meaning-making, identity formation, knowledge production, security, health and wellness, strategic communication and democracy in contemporary society. Because organizations are increasingly complex, our organizational communication area adopts a multi-perspective, dynamic approach to the study of organizational life.


Jess AlbertsJess Alberts, President's Professor, focuses on conflict in personal and professional relationships. She is particularly interested in marital disagreements, how couples divide up domestic chores, and how they conduct their daily interactions.

Interpersonal Communication

Studying Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication involves the study of verbal and nonverbal messages in dyadic interaction. We explore the various ways that communication functions in both social and personal relationships along a range of topics, including affection, competition, conflict, dating, emotion, health, and maintenance in relational contexts such as marriage, friendship, initial interaction and family relationships.

Our Strengths


Benjamin BroomeBenjamin Broome, professor, is an intercultural communication scholar whose work centers on the theory and practice of sustainable dialogue and its role in peacebuilding.

Intercultural Communication

Studying Intercultural Communication and Cultural Studies


The Transformation Project focuses on communicatively transforming lives and relationships at all levels of human interaction. We are a consortium of faculty, students, and community members who seek to discover and promote creative change processes that encourage healthy communication patterns, collaborative group behavior, and equitable forms of social organization. Our work centers on harnessing the energy and urgency inherent in problematic situations and directing it toward empowering individuals, nurturing relationships, enriching organizations, and cultivating community.



Jess AlbertsDr. Jess Alberts, President's professor, focuses on conflict in personal and professional relationships.