Health Communication

Health Communication is a vibrant and important field of study concerned with the ways in which humans communicate in social and mediated contexts to advance health care delivery and health promotion. Health communication is conceptualized as the central source for exploration, delivery, and practice of communication messages and seeks to advance cultural processes that develop healthy individuals, relationships, communities, and global populations.  


We strive to achieve excellence in research, education and creative endeavors
in the complex role of human communication in everyday life.

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication offers two undergraduate degree programs.

  • Bachelor of Science degree (BS) in Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Communication

Certificate in Civil Communication

The Certificate in Civil Communication provides students with the ability to recognize, competently practice, and facilitate the ever-increasing demand for civil discourse in society and workplace organizations.


The making of the current Hugh  Downs School of Human Communication represents over a century of almost continuous change. The commitment to the study of communication began in some part during the early years as part of Territorial Normal School in 1888, later becoming Arizona State Teachers College and finally Arizona State University. The Department of Communication was officially titled in 1978, becoming part of the College of Public Programs in 1979.

Crockett Elementary School Service Project

Crockett Elementary is an under-funded elementary school in downtown Phoenix that serves African refugees, homeless, and under-privileged children. Crockett has a student population of 485 with 100% receiving free breakfast and lunch.