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When you give to the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication you become a partner in the academic success of our students, the research discoveries of our faculty and the continued effort to make the world better. You’re also supporting a top-ranked research university that’s committed to finding solutions to some of our most pressing concerns. From scholarship support to funding for a specific research cause, your generosity and continued investment impact our community profoundly.

Whether you’re donating a couple of dollars or a large sum, your gift is greatly appreciated. Any amount makes a difference for our students, faculty, staff, research and programs. Your charitable contributions enable our school to achieve the highest standards of excellence, access and impact.

Giving to the funds below allows the school to offer incoming students scholarships to major in communication studies. In addition to helping a student afford university, scholarships are important recruitment tools that help bring more people into the study of communication, attract high-quality students and keep the degrees healthy. 

Daniel Brouwer Mentorship Award

Your gift honors the legacy of Professor Daniel Brouwer, who had a long history of mentoring students in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.

The Daniel Brouwer Mentorship Award was established to commemorate the legacy of outstanding mentorship left by Daniel Brouwer, who served as faculty in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication for 21 years. Your support commemorates the extraordinary impact Brouwer had at ASU, where he worked with more than 60 graduate students on their dissertations and theses. Giving to the Daniel Brouwer Mentorship Award will recognize and support faculty whose work with students reflects a commitment to engaged and exceptional mentoring such as that demonstrated by Professor Brouwer.

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Read more about Dan's life and legacy

Our Scholarship Funds

Hugh Downs School Enrichment Fund

Your donation will support special initiatives, public events, and guest speakers within the HDSHC.  It will also be used to expand programs and research opportunities for our students and faculty.

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Hugh Downs School Scholarship Fund

Your donation will provide scholarship support to students outside of the Hugh Downs School’s annual scholarship competition.

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Judith N. Martin Intercultural Communication Scholarship

Your donation will provide scholarship support to international students pursuing graduate studies in intercultural communication in the HDSHC.

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Kristin Bervig Valentine Scholarship in Performance Studies

Your donation will provide support to undergraduate students who have made significant contributions to the study of performance through creative activity, scholarship and/or community service.

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Clark D. Olson Forensics Scholarship

Your donation will provide scholarship support to an undergraduate student who is a member of the ASU Forensics Speech and Debate team.

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COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

This crowdfunding effort provides emergency funding to students impacted by the Coronavirus. This fund will offer necessary financial support to students and is designed to help them maintain their safety and health during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

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Our 2019 Scholarship Donors and Recipients