Jerry Buley

Dr. Jerry Buley
Professor Emeritus


Jerry Buley is an Emeritus Professor of communication from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. While an active member of the school’s faculty, Buley taught a variety of classes mostly including interpersonal communication. He originated all the interpersonal classes in the school. His research focused on information processing in relationships. He also had a sideline of research on statistical methods.

Since retiring, Buley has taken up two activities that give him much pleasure. One is photography, with which he has won several awards. Two of his photographs hang in the school’s offices. The other is writing fiction. He has been working on a series of murder mysteries dealing with a female Sedona detective and a group of four mid-teen prodigies from ASU. He’s found his focus on interpersonal communication allows him to create smooth, realistic dialogue and fleshed out characters.