Angela Trethewey, former director of the Hugh Downs School, speaks about why the study of human communication is important on how we engage and solve some of the biggest issues in contemporary culture.  She addresses how a communication perspective brings a way of thinking about a variety of approaches and a variety of solutions to those big problems. ASU iTunes U podcast

Pauline Davies, professor of practice in the Hugh Downs School, speaks about communication in the field of broadcasting. She shares her experiences of a challenging and diverse broadcasting 20-year career. ASU iTunes U podcast

Strategic Communication

This series on communication, terrorism and national security examines and critiques a range of human and technological communicaiton issues as they relate to and shape current understandings about terrorism and national security. It explores the concepts of "terrorism" and "national security" within cultural, historical and communication conttexts, with an emphasis on the rise of non-state sponsored terrorism that led up to and continues to occur since September 11. (ASU iTunes U Podcasts series)

Bud Goodall, former professor in the Hugh Downs School and senior fellow in the Center for Strategic Communication, describes the research being conducted on the war on terrorism. ASU iTunes U podcast

Steve Corman, professor in the Hugh Downs School and director of the Center for Strategic Communication, discusses the role of strategic communication and terrorism. ASU iTunes U podcast

Interpersonal Communication

Daniel Canary, former professor in the Hugh Downs School, speaks about how to find happiness within a close personal relationship. ASU iTunes U podcast

Dr. Clark Olson, full academic professional with the Hugh Downs School, discusses why Lonely Hearts would be more successful in finding a partner if they took a communication class rather than emulating the pick-up techinques portrayed in a popular TV show. ASU iTunes U podcast

Intercultural Communication

Judith Martin, professor in the Hugh Downs School, talks about her interest in studying the roots of white Americans in this podcast. ASU iTunes U podcast

Conflict Management

Jess Alberts, President's Professor in the Hugh Downs School, discusses her innovative use of Second Life as a teaching and research tool in order to illustrate new ways of resolving conflicts in this podcast. ASU iTunes U podcast

Work-Life Balance

Sarah Tracy, professor in the Hugh Downs School, addresses the issues of bullying in the work place. ASU iTunes U podcast

Health Communication

The Health Communication initiative supports research, teaching and service that facilitates the exploration, delivery and practice of communication messages and processes to develop healthy individuals, relationships, organizations and communities.

Kory Floyd, former professor in the Hugh Downs School, discusses the recent trend of more public displays of male affection, specifically in the workplace and sports. ASU iTunes U podcast

Rhetoric Studies

Rhetoric and public communication focuses on understanding issues at the social level, including popular culture, social movements and political communication.

Debbie Way, faculty associate in the Hugh Downs School, talks about gender and communication. ASU iTunes U podcast

Study Abroad

Dr. Belle Edson, program director, teaches in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and every summer she takes a group of ASU students to Britain and Ireland for a seven week cultural experiences.  She describes some of her most memorable excursions. ASU iTunes U podcast

Graduate Student Research Projects

Karen Stewart, instrucor in the Hugh Downs School, discusses the role of creativity and communication. She talks about the "zombie crawl" class project she crafted to reflect the students' exploration into social performances, cultural identities, and public art. ASU iTunes U podcast

Civil Dialogue

Jennifer Linde, senior lecturer with the Hugh Downs School and artistic director of The Empty Space, shares research, practice, and teachings about Civil Dialogue. Linde is a co-facilitator of civil dialogues on topics that people want to talk about but maybe would not talk about because they disagree so strongly. ASU iTunes U podcast

Internships (coming soon)

iPopping Podcast Top iTunes Podcast

Pauline Davies’, professor of practice at the Hugh Downs School, iPopping Podcast was selected by Apple Corp. and iTunesU as one of the top three podcasts coming out of ASU. Apple Corp. recently launched a new iTunes feature called iTunes U, a new department that provides free education resources from American colleges and universities. The idea is to share resources from these campuses, such as lectures and research.

Welcome to iPopping Podcasts for COM 394, provided free of charge as a public service.

National Coming Out Day

Two Hugh Downs School of Human Communication community members are featured in a powerful narrative podcast produced by ASU student Paul Bork in celebration of National Coming Out Day. They vividly describe their agonies, fears and triumphs in confronting discrimination and coming to terms with their sexuality.

"Speaking Out"

Brain Scanning and the Law

HDSHC's Pauline Davies' radio documentary about recent developments in brain scanning and the law,"Neuroscience in the Witness Stand", has been broadcast on public radio in Australia. The documentary was based on a conference organized by the Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law and hosted at the U.S. Courthouse in Phoenix.

"Neuroscience in the Witness Stand"