Tackling Wicked Problems in Diverse Democracies: A Call for Deliberative Engagement

Martín Carcasson, Ph.D

Martín Carcasson, Ph.D., is a featured speaker on the topic of civil communication. Carcasson is an associate professor in the Communication Studies department of Colorado State University, and the founder and director of the CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD). He also serves as a Senior Public Engagement Fellow with Public Agenda, a nationally recognized public engagement firm based in New York, works closely with Colorado State University Extension, serves on the faculty of the Kettering Foundation’s Centers for Public Life program, and is on the board of directors of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.

Martin CarcassonCarcasson's research focuses on the interdisciplinary theory and practice of deliberative democracy, collaborative governance, and community problem-solving. His research has been published in Rhetoric & Public Affairs, the Journal of Public Deliberation, Communication Theory, Journal of Applied Communication Research, the International Journal of Conflict Resolution, New Directions in Higher Education, and the Quarterly Journal of Speech.

This event is part of the I-4C Collective 2015-2016 Speaker Series. The I-4C (Intersections of Civil, Critical, and Creative Communication) mobilizes resources from rhetoric, performance, and critical-cultural studies to explore the intersections of civil, critical and creative communication.

November 3, 2015
Mohave, 236
ASU Memorial Union