Storyscope: What Does 'Home' Mean to You?

A story circle

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s your story about “home?” Maybe you have a story about the last time you visited your childhood home, or the day that Arizona became your home, or another experience of “home” that you’d like to share.

Join your neighbors and the Storyscope team — local facilitators who are devoted to the time-honored art of storytelling — to share your unique story and get to know more about others by bearing witness to their stories.

Story Circles bring people together to explore a common theme in a spirit of equity and belonging. As each person takes a turn sharing a personal story of three minutes or so, a larger, richer, more complex story emerges. Things we have in common and real differences can be brought to light.

A story circle is a kaleidoscope of human experience: the colors and shapes we each contribute are intertwined; what’s reflected back to us is illuminating and ever-changing, with multiple dimensions, twists and turns. 

The event begins with welcoming remarks and an interpretation of the theme by a performing artist. Next, the group breaks into small story circles, each with a facilitator that guides the flow. Then everyone reconvenes as one group for reflection and a poetic or musical epilogue. 

RSVP at In reply to your RSVP, you’ll receive story prompts and storytelling tips. 

The Studio Theatre is in the long narrow building near the top of the map marked with the letters PAC and pen. Parking is behind the building and adjacent to Performance Hall.

For more information about Storyscope contact John Genette:, 480-595-9292

For more information about the SMCC Storytelling Institute contact Liz Warren:, 602-243-8026

John Genette
Nov 17 2017 - 6:30pm
South Mountain Community College Studio Theater
Off campus