Media Literacy: Finding Truth in a Post-Truth World

How do you sort fake news from real news without starting a fistfight? 

Clark Olson

Instructional Professional Clark Olson helps participants discuss hot topics using cool heads.

That was the question Hugh Downs School Instructional Professional Clark Olson and graduate student Kat Hanna helped answer at a workshop at San Diego State University for the 7th Annual Conference on Restoring Civility to Civil Dialogue.

At the workshop, Olson and Hanna provided students, faculty and community members with the skills of civil communication and the role of neutrality in the news.  

"We encouraged participants to discuss real versus fake news according to the rule of civility," said Olson.  "People have to make a decision on how they consume the media, and we gave them tools to do that."



Kat Hanna

Graduate Student Kat Hanna helps facilitate a civil dialogue

Olson added, "We know that media can be somewhat biased, and we often go to our echo-chambers and seek the news with which we already agree," added Olson.  "I am confident that when people participate in a civil dialogue, it increases their understanding of the media and helps them model civil behavior."

Civil Dialogue session

Participants model a civil dialogue