Local and International speaking Honors for Dr. Pauline Hope Cheong

Associate Professor Pauline Hope Cheong was invited to speak at the University of Texas at Austin in November 2013, where she participated in the “Networked China” conference which discussed global dynamics of digital media and civic engagement. She presented the paper entitled, “Memetic Engagement as Middle Path Resistance: Contesting Mainland Chinese Immigration and Social Cohesion” which was co-authored with her doctoral advisee and student Yashu Chen. In light of the corporeal and symbolic expansion of Chinese presence globally, this paper examines the key online memes that have emerged in relation to the intensification of mainland Chinese immigration or the “Mainland invasion” to Hong Kong and Singapore. This paper argued that as lay online interactants consume, produce and share alternative or unorthodox texts related to the heated topic of migration, the potential of online memes to catalyze and facilitate social change has significant meaning for civic participation and the restructuring of state authority relations in contexts of strong media and government regulation.

In February 2014, Associate Professor Pauline Hope Cheong was invited to speak at the top two research universities in Singapore. She was a participant in the “Cultural industries and Convergence” workshop, organized by the National University of Singapore where international and local faculty discussed issues related to media convergence, transmediation and new digital literacies. She was also honored with the invitation to serve as the speaker for the Singapore Internet Research Center seminar presentation. Drawing upon her recent projects on spiritual nonprofits and digital media innovations, she presented her research on the “Rise of Global Religious Organizing: Authority, Community & Mediated Paradoxes” to faculty, staff and graduate students at the Nanyang Technological University.