John Genette

Civil Communication Research Fellow


John Genette, M.A. (ASU ‘05), is a guest lecturer, certified Civil Dialogue Facilitator, and Citizen Artist. He is collaborating with Jennifer Linde, Leah Marché, and Judy Schwiebert on a new program called Storyscope – A Story Circles Project. Developed in association with the I-4C Collective and affiliation with the U.S. Dept. of Arts & Culture, Storyscope’s mission is to strengthen communities by bringing people together to share personal stories and perspectives in a spirit of equity and belonging. As a performing artist, John has created original shows and solo performances at The Empty Space and The Whole Life Center at Shadow Rock, has appeared in The Encyclopedia Show, and is active in the storytelling community. John is president of Black Mountain Communications Inc., a fundraising agency.


Research Interests

performance studies; civil communication

Expertise Areas