Jarrod Bailey, Communication and French Language and Culture Major

Profile on Jarrod Bailey, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Student Leader for the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Concentrations: Communication with a focus in Interpersonal Relationships B.A., French Language and Culture B.A.

Three best things about the Hugh Downs School and ASU:  The advising department is exemplary. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help figure out my future in this school, including multiple walk-ins, choice overrides, and constant updates with activities going on in the ASU and Hugh Downs community. Their availability of online classes has been the pivotal reason that I have been able to pursue a concurrent French major, something whose value cannot be truly expressed. But even more beneficial has been the individual professors that have helped guide my journey for the past four years, offering their experience and advise for everything from my thesis project to my career path.


Phi Beta Kappa Initiation Ceremony with his parents

Favorite class: My favorite classeswere the classes offered by Barrett the Honors College. “Human  Event” with Voorhees was an especially insightful way to begin my college experience, and it only got better from there. “Myth and Mysteries of the Tarot” with Oscar Giner captured my attention and changed my perspective of life. And Gregg Zachary’s classes of “Quest for the Enhanced Consciousness” and “Nuclear Weapons and the Making of Modern America” were organically and intellectually the most fascinating classes I’ve experienced. I am very lucky to have Professor Zachary on my Thesis Committee!

What Makes ASU Special:  I love ASU because of its constant, encompassing goal of inclusivity and opportunity.  Ever since I toured Barrett and saw its living community, I realized that ASU is much more than just a public university. It’s a lifestyle that spans from Hayden to Gammage, from Acacia Fraternity to Quidditch Sports Club, from whiteboard to Blackboard. ASU has embodied the American dream with its plethora of courses, extracurriculars and connections that are made available on campus and which every Sun Devil has the privilege to tap into. Ever since I started courses here, I began living my future.

West Regional Quidditch Championship Winning Pull

Something unexpected that you learned at the Hugh Downs School: In my capstone Communication class, I was lucky enough to observe small-group communication at Escape Zone, a local escape room. These observations led me to think more fluidly about the relationships that develop between strangers and familiars when they are tasked to problem-solve within a time limit. Although I expected the blind and silent follower effect of Groupthink to be more present in groups with familiars, there was a similar rate of Groupthink in groups of strangers too! This presents an interesting challenge that I look forward to tackling. In the future, I hope to see the teamwork of escape rooms replicated in educational and work settings!

What do I want to do with my communication education?  In our globally uncertain times, I believe that many of our problems are caused by lapses in communication and a lack of transparency. Questions are being asked, but answers are not being provided. With my degree, I hope to lead the world down a brighter path, spreading messages of inclusion and opportunity and reinforcing ideals of love in the commercial and public sector. As cliché as it sounds, I believe that I can make the world a better place. There is no problem too great to solve when enough voices demand change.