The Hugh Downs School Welcomes New Faculty

Intercultural faculty and new colleaguesThe Hugh Downs School welcomes Bradley Adame, assistant professor of interpersonal communication, and Uttaran Dutta, assistant professor of intercultural communication.

Bradley Adame earned his doctorate from the University of Oklahoma in 2012. His dissertation research tested the efficacy of theoretically designed campaign messages intended to increase levels of disaster preparedness among the citizens of Oklahoma. Before coming to Arizona State University, Adame held a post-doctoral research fellowship on the MACBETH project, a research program designed to train intelligence analysts to mitigate cognitive biases in decision-making through the use of serious video games. His current research interests include crisis/risk communication, social influence and message design, and issues related to public health and community sustainability.

Uttaran Dutta received his Ph.D. in communication from Purdue University, and Master of Design from Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, India. He also earned a Bachelor’s in civil engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Indian academic institutions. His several research interests include participatory sustainable social change communication research, subaltern development and health communication research, interaction design research for the underserved, and visual communication research in developing countries. Study of subalterns with a critical-cultural communicative lens is the central focus of his scholarship. His current research seeks to examine how the underserved people enunciate their situated socio-political, economic realities, and articulate the contextual development issues as well as how they collectively identify and utilize locally available resources and opportunities to achieve their development goals and to overcome the adversities of everyday existence.