Hugh Downs School Professor Shares Leadership Skills

Professor Sarah Tracy conducted a three-day leadership workshop entitled, “Being a Leader, an OPPT-in Approach to Pedagogy”.

The workshop was about being a leader instead of just learning about what leaders do. Through workshop, group activities and sharing, participants were provided access for leading and creating a future that was not going to happen anyway—for themselves, for those participants lead, and for those who grant leadership. While typical leadership classes leave participants knowing about leadership and other leaders, this workshop aimed to leave participants being leaders.

Workshop participants included a mixture of twenty-eight people - doctoral students and faculty from the Hugh Downs School as well as faculty from across ASU and community contributors. The workshop consisted of interactive workshop, group exercises, journaling, and designing a leadership project.

The workshop was part of the Hugh Downs School Conflict, Transformation, and Wellness Initiative for fall 2014.