Hugh Downs School Faculty Recognized for their Research

Two Hugh Downs School faculty members, Assistant Professor Heewon Kim and Assistant Professor Alaina Zanin, had featured articles in the February, 2018 issue of  Management Communication Quarterly, and a testament to the outstanding work being done at the Hugh Downs School.  

Assistant Professor Heewon Kim


Heewon Kim's article, Differential Impacts of Functional, Geographical, and Hierarchical Diversity on Knowledge Sharing During Organizational Change, examines the impact of functional, geographical, and hierarchical diversity on expertise awareness, knowledge transfer, and knowledge acquisition during a large-scale organizational change at a multinational high-tech organization. 



Assistant Professor Alaina Zanin


Alaina Zanin's article, Discursive Positioning and Collective Resistance: How Managers Can Unwittingly Co-Create Team Resistance, co-authored by Ryan S. Bisel, investigates the role of discursive positioning in the formation of team resistance.