HDSHC Professor Receives International Recognition

Dr. Benjamin Broome, professor, has been awarded the 2016 Jeffrey Z. Rubin Theory-to-Practice Award by the International Association for Conflict Management. IACM's Jeffrey Z. Rubin Theory-to-Practice Award recognizes important contributions to the nexus between theory/research and practice. It is awarded to individuals whose professional contributions over the span of a career emphasize their ability to move effectively and skillfully between theory and practice in their professional activities. The Rubin Theory-to-Practice award seeks to spotlight and encourage those in the conflict management field whose research and practice sustains this tradition.

Broome’s theory development and applied research is focused on facilitation of dialogue in intergroup/intercultural conflict. Throughout his career, Broome has approached his work in ways that are both transdisciplinary and innovative, providing a unique and positive model for translating theory-to-practice in the conflict management arena. He has been able to maintain a remarkable balance between conceptual development in the academic world and application of theories and principles in communication and conflict management to critical societal issues.

More about Dr. Broome’s research and the award.