HDSHC Professor Keynote Speaker at International Education Conference

Eric Margolis, associate professor with the Hugh Downs School, gave the keynote speech “Universities Changing: Research and Reflection” on the history of higher education at The International Conference on Quality in Higher Education Curriculum: Standards, Strategies, Approaches held in Isfahan, Iran, October 22-23, 1914. This represented an important step as Iran reaches out to the global academic community. The conference included scholars from Japan, Australia, Malaysia, The Netherlands, and South Africa among others.

Margolis’s work on higher education is internationally known. “The Department is Very Male, Very White, Very Old, and Very Conservative”: The Functioning of the Hidden Curriculum in Graduate Sociology Departments” (with Mary Romero) appeared in The Harvard Educational Review, and has been included in 2 anthologies. The Hidden Curriculum in Higher Education, was published in 2001 and reprinted in traditional Chinese characters (Taiwan, 2004); reprinted again in simplified Chinese characters (Shanghai, 2006). The Hidden Curriculum anthology is currently being translated into Farsi and Arabic.