Gary Kreps

Health Communication Research Fellow


Gary L. Kreps is a health communication research fellow in the Hugh Downs School of Communication at Arizona State University and serves as a University Distinguished Professor and director of the Center for Health and Risk Communication at George Mason University.  He examines the health information and support needs of vulnerable populations, such as members of marginalized immigrant groups, the poor, low educated, the ill elderly, minority group members, people living with disabilities, and individuals confronting serious and stigmatized physical and mental health problems. He applies research with these populations to developing evidence-based, culturally sensitive health promotion programs, campaigns, and media. He has participated in more than $50 million dollars in external funding for his research from major federal agencies, foundations, professional associations, corporations, health care systems, and foreign governments. His research is reported in more than 400 articles, chapters, and books. 


Ph.D. University of Southern California

Research Interests

health communication/promotion, multicultural relations, social organizations, applied research methods, health informatics, communication campaigns, social change