Faculty and Graduate Students Receive WSCA Top Paper Awards

The Hugh Downs School faculty, doctoral students, and alum will receive Top Paper Awards at the Western States Communication Association’s convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 17-21, 2012.

Organizational Communication Division, Top Four Papers:
Kendra Dyanne Rivera, HDSHC alum, University of California San Marcos, “Cyberactivism in an Online Social Movement: Exploring Dialectical Tensions” Heather E. Canary, HDSHC alum, University of Utah, “Just Telling Stories? A Review of Policy, Organizations, and Communication Research 2001-2010"

Health Communication Division,Top Three Paper:
Kory Floyd, professor; Colin Hesse, HDSHC alum, University of Missouri; Justin Boren, HDSHC alum, Santa Clara University; Alice Veksler, HDSHC alum, University of Connecticut, “Affectionate Communication Can Suppress Immunity: Trait Affection Predicts Antibody Titers to Latent Epstein-Barr Virus”

Interpersonal Communication Division, Top Four Papers:
Anthony Roberto, professor; Douglas Deiss, Matthew Savage, Leslie Ramos Salazar, doctoral students; Jen Eden, HDSHC alum, Northern Illinois University, “An Experimental Investigation of Cybersafety Promotion and Cyberbullying Prevention for Parents of Middle School Students”

Colin Hesse, HDSHC alum, University of Missouri, “Privacy Management and Self-Disclosure: The Mediating Role of Emotional Competence”

Top Four Paper and Top Student Paper:
Christina Fleuriet and Megan Cole, doctoral students, “Exploring Facebook: The Role of Nonverbal Cues and Attachment Style in the Experience of Emotion”

Rhetoric and Public Address, Top Four Paper:
Karma Chavez, HDSHC alum, University of Wisconsin, “Beyond the Personal: The Coalitional Possibility of Radically Interactional Rhetoric”

Communication Theory and Research, Top Four Paper:
Amy Pearson, doctoral student, “Shifting Ontologies & Opening Space(s): Structuring Gender in the National Park Service”

Organization for Research on Women and Communication Division, top Four Paper:
Sara McKinnon, HDSHC alum, University of Wisconsin, “Standing in Her Shoes: Transnational Politics and Gendered Rhetoric in U.S. Asylum Policy for Chinese Opposing Population Control”

2012 Master Teacher Award:
Jess Alberts, professor
This award is presented by the Communication and Instruction Interest Group to recognize and honor great teachers in the field of communication.