Faculty and Graduate Students Receive Top NCA 2013 Awards and Recognitions

Faculty and graduate students with the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication will receive top paper and research awards and recognitions at the National Communication Association's annual convention in Washington, D.C. in November.


Dr. Daniel Bernardi, Dr. Pauline Cheong, Dr. Chris Lundry, and Dr. Scott Ruston
2012 Outstanding Co-Authored Book of the Year award
International and Intercultural Communication Division
Narrative Landmines: Rumors, Islamist Extremism, and the Struggle for Strategic Influence
(Rutgers University Press, 2012).

Dr. Benjamin Broome and co-author Dr. Mary Jane Collier
2012 Distinguished Scholarship Award
International and Intercultural Communication Division
top journal article or book chapter published in 2012
Culture, Communication, and Peacebuilding: A Reflexive Multi-Dimensional Contextual Framework. Journal of Internal and Intercultural Communication, 5(4), 245-269.

Dr. Kory Floyd, co-authors: Perry Pauley, Colin Hesse, Alice Veksler, Jen Eden, Alan Mikkelson
Interpersonal Communication
Top Four Paper
Affectionate communication is associated with immunologic and cardiologic health markers

Graduate Students:

Keri Fehrenbach
Health Communication Division
Competitively Selected Paper
The Health and Environmental Impacts of Meat Consumption: Using the Extended Parallel Process Model to Persuade College Students to Eat Less Meat

Brandon Ferderer
Performance Studies Division
Debut Paper Award
Redefining the Local: Architecture, Community Mapping and Cartographic Countercultures

Shuzhen Huang
Association for Chinese Communication Studies
Top Paper Award
Micro-blogging as a Public Sphere: The Possibilities of Rhetorical Resistance in Contemporary China

Lisa van Raalte
Master’s Education Section
Top Paper
Stress, Social Support, Self-Efficacy, and Performance for Collegiate Student-Athletes: An Application of the Stress-Buffering Model

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