The Encyclopedia Show

Topic: The Supreme Court

The Encyclopedia Show is a monthly, multi-genre, age-integrated presentation of creative performances on a central theme taken from an ACTUAL encyclopedia. Each contributor is assigned a specific subset of the central theme on which to write and perform. Participating artists perform poems, monologues, songs, rants, etc... Quirkiness and creativity is welcomed, as are fashionable falsehoods.

The Encyclopedia Show is also a world-wide event, started in Chicago by Robbie Q. and Shanny Jean, it now encompasses at least a dozen cities! The AZ show takes place at the Empty Space in Tempe, and is sponsored by the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. The creative team includes: Nick Klemp, Michelle Hill, Brandon Ferderer, Andy Stone, Beth Clarke, Dwayne Holmes, and Adam Jarvie.

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April 15, 2016
The Empty Space
free admission