Becoming a Critical Scholar: Narrating the Intersections of the Personal, the Theoretical, and the Political

Gust A. Yep, Ph.D.

Using narrative as a framework to recount three historically specific and spatially situated interlocking trajectories, Dr. Yep reflects and explores on his story of becoming a critical scholar. He will examine fragments of his biography, transnational journey, and cultural hybridity that intensified the awareness of his non-normative subject position (the personal); moments of disconnection, discovery, and hope that led to paradigmatic change and transformation (the theoretical); and affective charges, intensities, and experiences that inspired and mobilized his work with sexual and gender minorities of color (the political). He will conclude with a discussion of current pedagogical and research projects.

Gust YepGust A. Yep (Ph.D., USC) is Professor of Communication Studies, Core Graduate Faculty of Sexuality Studies, and Faculty in the Ed. D. Program in Educational Leadership at San Francisco State University. His research focuses on communication at the intersections of culture, gender, sexuality, and health.

Sponsored by the I-4C Collective of the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication


March 23, 2016
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
226, Graham
ASU Memorial Union