ASU Forensics Hosts SWC Tournament

The ASU Forensics Team and The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication will host the Southwest Championship Tournament, January 19 through January 21, 2012 on the Arizona State University Tempe Campus in Tempe, Arizona.

The Southwestern Championships (SWC) is a large, multi-state open tournament with LD, Policy, Parliamentary, and Public Forum debate and 12 individual events. As the largest tournament in the state of Arizona, this tournament provides teams from all over the nation a chance to enjoy excellent competition. The tournament typically features over 50 schools from more than 10 states.

This year we are pleased to host Tournament of Champions (TOC) Qualifying bids for Quarterfinalists in Public Forum Debate, the Top Six Student Congress competitors, and Final Round Participants in Policy Debate. We are pleased to announce that The Southwest Championship is now a bid school for the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC). Details for the NIETOC may be found at SWC Tournament information is posted at Joy of Tournaments. This site also provides for online tournament registration.

Competition will feature six preliminary rounds of Policy, Public Forum, Parliamentary and Lincoln- Douglas debate. Congress competition will feature three preliminary assemblies and finals assemblies as entries warrant. There will be four preliminary rounds of speech and elimination rounds will begin with a quarterfinal round for events over 70 entries and a semifinal for events over 40 entries. Awards will be presented to all finalists, semi-finalists, and quarterfinalists in each individual event, to each member of debate teams reaching the octa-final or double octa-final, and the top five speakers overall in individual events.

For 2012, the Southwest Championship Tournament will have Tournament of Champions bids for participants reaching the top 6 speakers in Student Congress, the quarterfinals of PFD, and the finals of Policy Debate. The Southwest Championship is also a qualifying tournament for the National Individual Events Tournament (NIETOC) – last year our events produced bids at the quarterfinal and semifinal levels.

ASU Forensics Team SWC Tournament information

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