Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference

Pauline Hope Cheong, associate professor, served as the Chair of the Doctoral Colloquium, at the annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers on October 21, 2016. Dr. Cheong organized te day-long preconference for 40 participants, including students and professors with diverse interests and backgrounds, from local and international universities.

Two doctoral students from the Hugh Downs School, Yashu Chen and Qingqing Hu, participated in the Doctoral Colloquium. The students received feedback on their research projects, professional networking opportunities, and advice on multiple aspects related to teaching, service and work/life issues. 

Dr. Cheong studies the complex interactions between communication technologies and different cultural communities around the world, including digital media use for faith-based organizing, and peer collaborations to advance social justice. She has published more than 70 articles and books and has received multiple research awards by the National Communication Association and International Communication Association.