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Archived Doctoral Program Courses

Doctoral Program Courses Fall 2008-Spring 2016

COM 507 Qualitative Research Methods in Communication: Qualitative research methods, including interviewing, field methods, and other nonquantitative techniques for analyzing communication.COM507sln79887(fall 14)  COM507sln88656 (fall 12)

COM 508 Quantitative Research Methods in Communication: Empirical research designs, measurements, and statistical strategies and techniques in analyzing and evaluating experimental and descriptive research in communication. COM508sln10374 (spring 12) COM508sln88943 (fall 12) COM508sln83474 (fall 13)  COM508sln10299 (spring 14) COM508sln80011 (fall14) COM508sln10250 (spring 15)

COM 598 Special Topics:

COM598sln70883   (fall)14) Conducting Visual Ethnography
COM598sln25343 (spring 12) Critical Visual Theory
COM598sln82557 (fall 12) Conducting Visual Ethnography
COM598sln20881 (spring 13)
COM598sln79363 (fall 13)
COM598sln18364, COM598sln22206 (spring 14)
COM598sln16535 (spring 15)

COM 604 Theory Construction in Communication, fall (3): Review and analysis of philosophical problems inherent in communicative research and of metatheories designed to deal with these problems. Prerequisite: COM 504 or instructor approval.  COM604sln71166 (fall 12) COM604sln71015   COM604sln70887  (fall14)

COM 607 Contemporary Rhetorical Method, spring (3) Analysis of issues in the practice of rhetorical communication research, including criticism and scholarship. Seminar. COM607sln87096 (spring 12) COM607sln86482 (fall 13) COM607sln28094 (spring 15)

COM 608 Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Data in Communication, spring (3): Statistical analysis of communication research data. Multivariate procedures used in communication research and methods of causal analysis. Prerequisites: COM 501 and 508 (or their equivalents).  COM608sln20416 (fall 11) COM608sln15109 (spring 15)

COM 609 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Communication, fall (3): Analysis of issues in the practice of qualitative communication research, including data gathering, fieldwork issues, analysis strategies, and reporting results. Prerequisite: COM 509 or instructor approval. COM609sln20796 (spring 13) COM608sln16358 (spring 14) COM609sln89157 (fall14)

COM 691 Seminar, selected semesters (1-12): A small class emphasizing discussion, presentations by students, and written research papers.
COM691sln20673, COM691sln17349, COM691sln17763  (spring 12)
COM691sln71168, COM691sln71169, COM691sln80930, COM691sln85676, COM691sln85678, COM691sln16176  (fall 12)
COM691sln81044, COM691sln71017, COM691sln81045, COM691sln78501 (fall 13)
COM691sln21207, COM691sln26062, COM691sln21208, COM691sln26063, COM691sln15244 (spring 14)
COM691sln78634COM691sln70889 ,   COM691sln78635COM691sln87372 , (fall 14)
COM 691sln18198, COM691sln27284 (spring15)
COM691sln29334, COM691sln29332 (spring 16)

COM 692 Research, selected semesters (1-2): Independent study in which a student, under the supervision of a faculty member, conducts research that is expected to lead to a specific project such as a thesis or dissertation, report, or publication.
COM692sln14484, COM692sln10382 (spring 12)
COM692sln89035 (fall 12)
COM692sln90011 (fall 13)
COM692sln28592, COM692sln28560, COM692sln28591 (spring 14)
COM692 sln23086 (spring 15)

COM 790 Reading and Conference, selected semesters (1-12): Independent study in which a student meets regularly with a faculty member. Course may include such assignments as intensive reading in a specialized area, writing a synthesis of literature on a specified topic, or writing a literature review of a topic.

COM 792 Research, selected semesters (1-15): Independent study in which a student, under the supervision of a faculty member, conducts research that is expected to lead to a specific project such as a dissertation, report, or publication.

COM 799 Dissertation, selected semesters (1-15): Supervised research focused on the preparation of a dissertation, including literature review, research, data collection and analysis, and writing.