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Project for Wellness and Work-Life (PWWL)

The Project for Wellness and Work-Life (PWWL) is a consortium of scholars who are pursuing research on the intersections of private, domestic life spheres and the public, commodified world of work. Furthermore, we examine organizational topics related to work-life well-being including workplace bullying, emotion labor, burnout, negotiation of gender and family issues and identities at work. PWWL explores these issues from a variety of perspectives, including: How work-life balance is interactionally negotiated between family members at home and with supervisors at work; how organizational policies enable and constrain work-life wellness choices; and how larger cultural discourses frame our understanding and experience of work. To learn more about PWWL please click on the links below or contact Dr. Sarah Tracy, Director.

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Sarah Tracy, professor and PWWL director
Jess Alberts, president's professor and fellow

Affiliated Faculty

Linda Lederman, professor and director
Heather Canary, alumni, assistant professor at University of Utah
Emily Cripe, alumni, assistant professor at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kendra Knight, alumni, assistant professor at Christopher-Newport University
Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik, associate professor at University of New Mexico
Yvonne Montoya, alumni, assistant professor at Colorado State University
Sarah Riforgiate, alumni, assistant professor at Kansas State University
Kendra Rivera, alumni, assistant professor at Texas Tech University
Amy Way, alumni, assistant professor at Villanova University

Graduate Research Associates

Elizabeth Eger, alumni
Charee Money, alumni
Amy Pearson, alumni
Shawna Malvini Redden, alumni
Leslie Ramos Salazar, alumni
Jen Scarduzio, alumni
Alison Trego