Summer Session Classes Begin Soon!

The Hugh Downs School offers in-person and iCourses Communication courses for all summer sessions. The following courses are offered for Summer 2011:

COM 100: Introduction to Human Communication

COM 207: Introduction to Communication Inquiry

COM 225: Public Speaking

COM 259: Communication in Business and the Professions

COM 263: Elements of Intercultural Communication

COM 308: Advanced Research Methods in Communication

COM 310: Relational Communication

COM 312: Communication, Conflict & Negotiation

COM 316: Gender and Communication

COM 394: Special Topics

COM 407: Advanced Critical Methods in Communication

COM 408: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication

COM 430: Leadership Group Communication

COM 453: Communication Training and Development

COM 484: Communication Internship

Summer session dates are. 5/20/11 - 8/5/11 (1st session, 2nd session, 8 wk session)

Summer Session information.

Summer session courses, Tempe campus

Summer session courses, iCourses