Conflict Transformation Project

The management and resolution of conflict is central to the daily lives of individuals, families, groups and organizations. Consequently, through an endowment provided by Dr. Jeanne Herberger, the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication has established the Conflict Transformation Project (CTP) as a center for research, education, and service to the greater community.


  • Provide assistance to help parties strategically manage problems, improve communication, deescalate violence, and rebuild key relationships.

  • Build skills to help individuals and groups improve their ability to communicate, negotiate, prevent violence, and manage conflict and their relationships more productively.

  • Improve the theories and practice of conflict management.

Service and Educational Missions

  • Primary sponsor of a state-wide summit meeting for conflict practitioners and scholars at Arizona State University, Tempe.

  • Hosted two national workshops on workplace mediation and transformative mediation in conjunction with the National Alliance for Education in Conflict Resolution, centered at Cornell University, and the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation at Hofstra University, respectively.

  • Co-sponsored Phoenix-area high school mediation workshop, 2004 and 2005.

Research Missions

  • Developing two research projects in conjunction with the Project for Wellness and Work-life Initiative and the Conflict Transformation Initiative.

  • Preparing a proposal to a foundation to support a series of working conferences and white papers on international issues of conflict transformation.

Conflict Transformation Project Special Event - Arizona Conflict Summit

Conflict Transformation Project White Papers

To learn more about the Conflict Transformation Project, please contact:

Jess Alberts, co-director and professor